Note: These donations were made between August 2019 and August 2020.


Suzanne Allen, MD
Cheng-Chieh Chuang, MD
The Gracie Charitable Foundation
Joseph Scherger, MD
Barbara Troupin, MD


Edward Bope, MD
Katrina Bradford, MD
Geoffrey Burns, MD
Betsy Garrett, MD
Kenneth Grimm, MD
Mary Hall, MD David Hall
Thomas Jevon, MD
—–and Louise Richardson, MD
Samuel Jones, MD
Keith Knepp, MD
Jennifer Lochner, MD
Margaret Moore, MD
Michael Needleman, MD
Wilner Nelson, MD
Saria Saccocio, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
Edward Yu, MD


Jennifer Bard, MD
Laura Gottlieb, MD
—  –and Brian Johnson, MD
Michael Hagen, MD
Jimmy Hara, MD
John Logan, III, MD
Darlyne Menscer, MD
Thomas Norris, MD
Gary Plant, MD
David Price, MD
Jamie Reedy, MD
David Turner, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William Weaver
Stephen Weedon, MD


Wain Allen, MD
William Babaian, MD
James Calvert, MD
Bonnie Carter, MD
E.C. Cline, MD
Clint Collins, MD
Craig Czarsty, MD
Glenn Davis, MD
Jennifer DeVoe, MD
Frank Dibble, MD
Frederick Edwards, MD
Leonard Fromer, MD
Ronald Goldschmidt, MD
English Gonzalez, MD
Victoria Gorski, MD
Robert Graham, MD
Penny Jeffery, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Madden
Michael Magill, MD
Allegra Melillo, MD
Kelli Melvin, MD
Karen Mitchell, MD
Drs. Amanda and Brian Morris
James Paraskevas, MD
Michael Pugh
Howard Rabinowitz, MD
Janet Realini, MD
David Rinehart, MD
Thomas L. Roe, MD
Ellsworth Seeley, MD
Kailie Shaw, MD
William Shore, MD
Genna Siemons, MD
Lewis Sigmon, Jr., MD
Keith Stelter, MD
Harry Strothers, MD
George Taler, MD
Mark Unverzagt, MD
Daniel Walters, MD
Raymond Weber, MD


Nahum Balotin, MD
Alana Benjamin, MD
Lucy Candib, MD
Jason Chao, MD
Harry Collins, MD
James Crews, MD
Karl Fields, MD
Lillian Gelberg, MD, MSPH
John Geyman, MD
Valerie Gilchrist, MD
Patricia Glowa, MD
—–and Donald Kollisch, MD
Kjersten Gmeiner, MD
Fern Hauck, MD
Warren Heffron, MD
Sarah Morgan, MD
John Tabachnick, MD
Robert Tortolani, MD
Shiush Wang, MD
Peter Wu, MD

“Family practice is the keystone specialty in American medicine. We will do everything in our power to preserve, enhance, and improve it.”

Nicholas Pisacano, MD